About JennyLynn Carey, Esq.


JennyLynn Carey, Esq., is a practicing lawyer in Franklin, Tennessee and is licensed in both Tennessee and New York.  Formerly an educator, JennyLynn is keenly aware of how interpersonal dynamics and family relationships interact, and uses this understanding to find the solution to your matter that works best for you and your family.

JennyLynn Carey is unfazed by issues that seem like uphill challenges and believes nothing is impossible.  She will advocate for you and your needs through her dedication, strong knowledge of the law, and understanding of the court process for whatever matter in which you need her assistance.  

Call today to discuss how JennyLynn Carey can help you achieve your goals.   Whether it is to develop a comprehensive estate plan or probate a will, mediate or represent you in your divorce, assist in appointing a conservatorship, or help a special needs family member set up the necessary financial trusts to sustain them through life, let JennyLynn Carey be the one to understand your relationships and build your future.  

When not practicing law, JennyLynn spends time with her husband and three children and their English Bulldog, Chunk.