Family Law


On Getting Divorced

Getting divorced is something no one hopes for.  It is the separation of two people who once had similar hopes, dreams, and interests.  But, if divorce should become a reality in your life, there are many pieces to the puzzle to consider as you work to close this chapter of your life.

Grounds for Divorce

Tennessee requires that sufficient grounds for divorce be established.  Most often, irreoncilable differences is the cause, and is when the two parties differ so greatly in their viewpoints on issues (whether related or unrelated to marriage), that they can no longer be married.  Irreconcilable differences can be established with other grounds for divorce.  Finally, there are waiting periods that must be met before moving forward with a divorce, and are different depending on whether you have minor children.

Child Custody and VIsitation

Divorcing with children places an additional strain on the divorce process and requires a focus on keeping the child(ren)'s best interests at heart.  Developing a child centered custody and visitation plan can help your child(ren) maintain a sense of security and calm once your divorce is finalized.  Child custody not only includes which parent the child stays with and when, but also decision making with regard to religion, education, and health care matters.

Division of Assets

For a couple getting divorced, the division of assets can be onerous and stressful.  Assets will be calculated on whether they are pre-marital or marital, length of marriage, amount of individual estates, and financial behavior during marriage. However, if there is a legal separation prior to divorce proceedings, this process may get simplified in that the court may determine a point in which any newly acquired asset is separate property.

Spousal and Child Support

There are many different types of alimony (spousal support) in Tennessee, and each are dependent on the parties' length of marriage, individual assets, and a variety of other factors.  

Child Support is established based on Tennessee laws of Child Support Guidelines as well as many other factors, including, amount of time child resides with each parent, and day care and medical/health care costs.

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